If there is a lot of free space in front of a building, such as a front garden or a square, a free-standing letterbox is most often used. The choice of location for a free-standing letterbox can be freely determined. Whether directly at the house or at the entrance to the property, the free-standing letterbox only requires a foundation.

The letterbox system can be concreted into a new foundation, approx. 400 mm deep, or screwed onto an existing concrete foundation. With our free-standing letterbox systems, you always have the option of ordering your desired letterbox with base plates or for setting in concrete.

We do not recommend screwing a free-standing letterbox system onto paving slabs. This will not guarantee the stability of the system.

In our RENZ range you will find free-standing letterbox systems for 1 to 6 parties. All letterbox systems are also available with intercom panel, bells and light switches. Our RENZ designs are divided into Classic, Exclusive and Premium. Our Classic RENZ letterboxes include the affordable and solid Basic B. The Exclusive models Prisma, RS2000, RS4000, Quadra and Tetro are the mid-range in price. These have concise and functional cladding designs with matching frames. Our RENZ premium letterbox is the RENZ Plan. Its absolutely flat design makes it an eye-catcher in front of any house. The Renz Plan models have larger letterboxes and wider inserts. The slot of the RENZ Plan freestanding letterbox can even be adjusted in 3 steps.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The freestanding letterboxes can be made in 200 different RAL colours. Many RENZ freestanding letterboxes are also available in V4a stainless steel.

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